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The venue can best be reached via the airport of Marseille. A bus shuttle service from the airport of Marseille to Saint Maximin la Sainte Baume and back will be provided and is included in the registration fee. We strongly suggest that you make use of the shuttle buses. Click here for travel advice, if you want to travel to the conference site on your own.

Please click here [189 KB] for the schedule of the shuttle buses on from Marseille airport and Aix en Provence TGV train station to the conference venue on 26 June 2012. Dirctions to the shuttle bus stop at Marseille airport [295 KB] and Aix en Provence TGV train station [339 KB] are also provided.

France has also a very efficient high speed train system (TGV lines). The Marseille region is well connected to the TGV network. Participants might thus also consider taking TGV train to “Marseille St Charles” or to “Aix en Provence TGV”. If you want to travel directly to the conference, “Aix en Provence TGV” is the most convenient stop. Paris Charles de Gaulle airport has its own TGV train station with direct connections to Marseille and Aix en Provence, so that connections between flights and TGV trains are easy and convenient. Train connections can be found at www.tgv-europe.com/en/ and booking in advance can be substantially cheaper.