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GRONEN 2012 brings together a range of different formats for advancing the academic debate on corporate sustainability. We aim to provide a suitable platform for academic exchange for research at different stages. In the scholarly programme we therefore offer full paper sessions as well as research development sessions. In addition and in line with the thematic focus of the conference there will be a special topic workshop on sufficiency. Moreover, the conference integrates three Professional Development Workshops within the oikos Faculty Symposium. As a distinctive highlight GRONEN 2012 features a theory development workshop entitled “What constitutes a theoretical contribution?” held by Prof David A. Whetten of the Marriott school of Management at Brigham Young University.

PDF programme 

Below you will find a programme overview and the detailed programme. You can also download the detailed programme as a PDF-file by clicking on the icon on the right. To access the papers please click on the button below. The presentation guidelines can be found here.

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Programme Overview

Tuesday 26 June 2012

From 18h00 on   Welcome reception and buffet 

Wednesday 27 June 2012

9h00-9h30   Opening plenary 
9h30-10h30   Theory development workshop  
10h30-11h00   Break 
11h00-12h30  Theory development workshop (continued) 
12h30-14h00  Lunch 
14h00-15h00  Paper session 1: Environmental management  
  Paper session 2: Sustainability and CSR  
15h10-16h10  Research development session 1 
  Research development session 2 
16h10-16h40  Break 
16h40-18h00  Paper session 3: Climate change 
20h00  Dinner 

Thursday 28 June 2012

8h30-9h30   Paper session 4: Performance 
  Paper session 5: Innovation 
9h40-10h40  Research development session 3 
  Research development session 4 
10h40-11h10  Break 
11h10-12h30  Paper session 6: Markets and entrepreneurship 
12h30-14h00  Lunch 
14h00-15h30   Special topic workshop on sufficiency 
16h00-17h00   GRONEN plenary  
18h00  oikos-excursion: Wine degustation & picnic at organic winery Château Duvivier 

Friday 29 June 2012

9h00-11h00  oikos Faculty Symposium 
11h00-11h30  Break 
11h30-13h00   Paper session 7: Proactive environmental practices and best paper award  
13h00-14h30  Lunch and end of conference 

Detailed Programme

Tuesday 26 June 2012
From 18h00 on: Welcome reception and buffet (Monastery garden)

Wednesday 27 June 2012
9h00-9h30: Opening plenary (Room: Bibliothèque)
9h30-10h30: Theory development workshop with Prof David Whetten (Room: Bibliothèque)
10h30-11h00: Break
11h00-12h30: Theory development workshop (continued)
12h30-14h00: Lunch
14h00-15h00: Paper sessions

Paper session 1: Environmental Management (Room: Bibliothèque)

Raymond L Paquin, Timo Busch & Suzanne G Tilleman:
Industrial Symbiosis: Paths towards Eco-efficiency and Eco-development

Luca Berchicci & Andrew A. King
Do Managers Systematically Underestimate The Potential For Waste Reduction?

Jörg H. Grimm, Joerg S. Hofstetter & Joseph Sarkis:
Multi-Tier Supplier Sustainability Compliance Management

Paper session 2: Sustainability and CSR (Room: St. Thomas)

Lorenzo Massa:
Sustainable Development, Corporate Sustainability and Corporate Social Responsibility

Michael Wood & Pratima Bansal:
Do You See What We See? The Role of Spatial Scale in Perceiving Environmental Issues

Ralf Barkemeyer & Frank Figge:
The False Promise of the Transnational CSR Strategy

15h10-16h10: Research development sessions

Research development session 1 (Room: Bibliothèque)
(Discussant: Nicole Darnall)

Jodi Short & Michael W. Toffel:
Private Enforcement of Labor and Environmental Standards in Global Supply Chains

Omar Asensio & Magali Delmas:
Conservation Messaging: A Behavioral Science Approach

James J. Cordeiro, Joseph Sarkis & Tara Shankar Shaw:
Lean is not always Green: Evidence from US Manufacturing Supply Chains

Research development session 2 (Room: St. Thomas)
(Discussant: Sanjay Sharma)

Panikos Georgallis:
The impact of practice-breaking and practice-building tactics on firms' resource commitment in the solar photovoltaic industry

Martin Lehmann & Anna Zinenko:
Making Sense of CSR in Danish Frontrunners

16h10-16h40: Break
16h40-18h00: Paper session 3: Climate change (Room: Bibliothèque)
Nicola Misani, Stefano Pogutz & Angelo Russo:
Investigating the Relationship Between Firm Carbon Intensity and Financial Performance: The Role of Organizational Responsiveness
Natalie Slawinski & Pratima Bansal:
Managing the Time Paradox in Business Sustainability: Responding to Climate Change in the Oil and Gas Industry
Naeem Ashraf & Emmanuelle Reynaud:
Institutional and Strategic Motivations of Reducing Carbon Emissions under CDM
Chonnikarn (Fern) Jira & Michael W. Toffel:
Engaging Supply Chains in Climate Change
20h00: Dinner

Thursday 28 June 2012
8h30-9h30: Paper sessions

Paper session 4: Performance (Room: Bibliothèque)

Olivier Boiral & Jean-François Henri:
Can Sustainability Performance Be Measured? A Content Analysis of GRI Reports

Magali Delmas, Dror Etzion & Nicholas Nairn-Birch:
Triangulating Environmental Performance: What Do Environmental Ratings Really Capture?

Haiying Lin:
Determinants of Environmental Performance in Emerging Economies: Theoretical Perspectives and Strategy Implications

Paper session 5: Innovation (Room: St. Thomas)

Brodie Boland & Jorge Rivera:
Not Only Laggards: Small Firms as a Vanguard for Green Technology Innovation

Natalia Ortiz-de-Mandojana, Javier Aguilera-Caracuel, José M. de la Torre-Ruiz & Vera Ferrón-Vílchez:
Is environmental regulatory uncertainty hindering or encouraging environmental performance? The role on a national level of innovation promotion

Dante-Ignacio Leyva-de la Hiz, J Alberto Aragón-Correa & Eulogio Cordon-Pozo:
The dilemma of exploitation versus exploration and relation with firm performance: Applicability to the development of environmental innovations

9h40-10h40: Research development sessions

Research development session 3 (Room: Bibliothèque)
(Discussant: Frances Bowen)

Julia Wolf:
Nested Structures and Corporate Sustainability: An Empirical Investigation into the Firm-Society-Nature Relationship

Moritz Loock & Diane Phillips:
Semiotics and Firm Reputation: The First Mover Advantage in Perceptions of the Sustainable Organization

Elmar Friedrich:
Grieving Organizations: Evidence from the German energy industry

Research development session 4 (Room: St. Thomas)
(Discussant: George Kassinis)

Giorgos Papagiannakis & Irini Voudouris:
Environmental management practices and environmental innovations: Examining the role of "green" absorptive capacity and stakeholder integration capabilities

Friederike Neugebauer:
Can corporate sustainability strategies emerge from innovation projects? Exploring emerging patterns with the help of Action Research

Ambra Galeazzo & Andrea Furlan:
Unpacking the Black Box of Proactive Environmental Strategy: A Conceptual Model

10h40-11h10: Break
11h10-12h30: Paper sessions 6: Markets and entrepreneurship (Room: Bibliothèque)
Magali Delmas & Neil Lessem:
Eco-Premium or Eco-Penalty? Eco-labels and quality in the organic wine market
Liudmila Nazarkina:
How to Grow Your Organic Business: Multiple Organizational Identities of Sustainable Enterprises and Their Growth Strategies
Jonatan Pinkse & Koen Groot:
Sustainable Entrepreneurship and Corporate Political Strategy: Overcoming Market Barriers in the Clean Energy Sector
Alfred Marcus, Joel Malen & Shmuel Ellis:
Conferring Legitimacy: Clean Energy Venture Capital (VC) 2002-2009
12h30-14h00: Lunch
14h00-15h30: Special topic workshop on sufficiency (Room: Bibliothèque)
Impulse speakers:
John Lastovicka:
Homo Consumerus: Consumers’ Biological-Evolutionary Roots & Sustainable Consumption
Thomas Princen:
Sufficiency: In Principle, In Practice
15h30-16h00: Break
16h00-17h00: GRONEN plenary (Room: Bibliothèque)
18h00: oikos-excursion: Wine degustation & picnic at organic winery Château Duvivier

Friday 29 June 2012
9h00-9h15: oikos Faculty Symposium Introduction (Room: Bibliothèque)
9h20-11h00: oikos Faculty Symposium PDWs

PDW1: Re-designing Management Education: Curricula Development Laboratory (Room: Bibliothèque)
(Conveners: Andrew Hoffman & Jost Hamschmidt)

John M Jermier & Linda Forbes:
The Politics of Sustainability in MBA Education in a College of Business in the United States

Kevin Laverty:
The Fundamental Questions: Establishing an Agenda for Sustainable Business Education

PDW2: Methods in Teaching Corporate Sustainability: Impact Assessment Laboratory (Room: St. Thomas)
(Conveners: Renato Orsato & Luca Berchicci)

Adele Santana:
Business Strategy and Policy for Sustainable Development: Accessing Students’ Ideal Worlds

Rebecca Luce:
For Proposed New Major in Economic Sustainability (ECOS): ECOS Experiential Integrative Project Capstone Course

PDW3: Beyond Teaching Cases: Using Simulations and Games to Teach Business Sustainability (Room: Lagrange)
(Convenors: Magali Delmas & Liudmila Nazarkina)

Elmar Friedrich:

Charles Corbett:
Offshore Wind Farm. Negotiation game

11h00-11h30: Break
11h30-13h00: Paper session 7: Proactive environmental practices and Best paper award (Room: Bibliothèque)
Sanjay Sharma & Pramodita Sharma:
Family Involvement in Dominant Coalitions as a Driver of Capability Building for a Proactive Environmental Strategy
José Céspedes-Lorente & Miguel Pérez Valls:
Green practices and organizational design as sources of strategic flexibility and performance
Vera Ferrón-Vílchez, Nicole Darnall & J Alberto Aragón-Correa:
Stakeholders’ Influences on the Comprehensiveness and Visibility of Facilities’ Proactive Environmental Practices
Best paper award
13h00-14h30: Lunch and end of conference