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Call for Papers

The full call for papers can be downloaded here as a PDF file [82 KB] .

Research on corporate sustainability has gained considerable momentum and recognition over the last two decades. Environmental and sustainability issues have developed from niche topics into a widely accepted research topics in the field of management and organisation research. At the same time, this mainstreaming of corporate sustainability research has somewhat narrowed the methodological and theoretical approaches chosen by corporate sustainability scholars. While approaches such as the resource based view or institutional theory have greatly contributed to gain a better understanding of organisational responses to sustainable development, we believe that the time is ripe for exploring a wider range of perspectives. In the spirit of the GRONEN’s mission to promote methodological and paradigmatic heterogeneity and innovation in the production of rigorous research on corporate sustainability, the GRONEN Research Conference 2012 particularly seeks to encourage corporate sustainability research of highest academic standards that adopts new perspectives, theories and research methods.

We believe that research on corporate sustainability can benefit from both, a return to some of the fundamental notions of sustainable development that may have been neglected in the current corporate sustainability research as well as the integration of novel theories and approaches that have not yet been adopted to investigate corporate greening. In this spirit, we explicitly encourage submissions that contribute to a better understanding of organisational responses, strategies, business models and policies with regard to sustainability challenges. We welcome conceptual as well as empirical submissions covering the wide range of corporate sustainability related topics such as sustainable business models and entrepreneurship, environmental strategy and policy, innovation and green products, green consumerism and shareholder activism, environmental accounting and performance, the role of firms in natural protection, stakeholder and community management, governance for sustainability, as well as management tools and approaches for corporate sustainability. For GRONEN 2012 we invite submissions to four different types of sessions: Full paper sessions, research development sessions, the oikos Faculty Symposium and two special topic workshops.

GRONEN conferences are deliberately rather small events where senior scholars, junior faculty and PhD students exchange on cutting edge corporate sustainability research in an intimate and constructive climate. GRONEN 2012 picks up this tradition as a platform for the advancement of corporate sustainability research with a strong focus on interaction and innovation and therefore provides a unique venue for advancing the academic debate on corporate sustainability. In this tradition GRONEN 2012 offers a wide international perspective and an atmosphere of mutual exchange and inspiration among scholars from the field.

Session Formats

GRONEN 2012 will bring together a range of different formats for advancing the academic debate on corporate sustainability. We aim to provide a suitable platform for academic exchange for research at different stages. In the scholarly programme we therefore offer full paper sessions as well as research development sessions. In addition and in line with the thematic focus of the conference there will be two special topic workshops. Moreover, the conference integrates three Professional Development Workshops within the oikos Faculty Symposium.Scholarly paper sessions provide a platform for the presentation and discussion of fully developed papers. Sessions will be grouped topically and authors will have a 15 minute time slot to present their work, followed by a discussion.

Research development sessions offer a platform for scholars to present work in progress. Presentation time will be shorter but more time will be allocated to discussion. Submissions will be accepted depending of the potential contribution and innovativeness of the proposed research. Research development sessions will be facilitated by J Alberto Aragón Correa (University of Granada), Frances Bowen (Queen Mary, University of London), Nicole Darnall (Arizona State University) and Sanjay Sharma (University of Vermont).

Two special topic workshops reflect the conference theme “Corporate Sustainability – Off to Pastures New or Back to the Roots?”. One of the two sessions will explore and discuss the implications of the fundamental but neglected notion of sufficiency for corporate sustainability research. A second special topic session will address a novel perspective and explores the potential of open source as a suitable governance mode for corporate sustainability and sustainable innovation. Both special topic sessions include invited scholars from outside the corporate sustainability field. Participants will be asked to prepare their participation by reading a couple of fundamental papers on sufficiency or open source and are invited to submit and present short position papers. For more information on the special topic workshops see here.

The oikos Faculty Symposium will offer in three parallel Professional Development Workshops (PDW) platforms for developing impact in sustainability teaching:

PDW 1: Re-designing Management Education: Curricula Development Laboratory (convened by Andrew J. Hoffman, University of Michigan & Jost Hamschmidt, oikos foundation)

PDW 2: Methods in Teaching Corporate Sustainability: Impact Assessment Laboratory (convened by Renato Orsato, FGV Sao Paulo & Stefano Pogutz, Bocconi University Milano)

PDW 3: Teaching Case Development Laboratory (convened by Magali Delmas, University of California & Liudmila Nazarkina, University of St. Gallen)

Participants are invited to submit contributions to any of these PDW’s. For more information on the oikos Symposium see here.


For the scholarly paper sessions we invite submissions of fully developed papers, while for the research development sessions we encourage the submission of short papers on ongoing projects and work in progress. The mix of full paper and research development sessions will depend upon the number of successful submissions in each category.

Submissions to the two special topic workshops on Sufficiency and Open Source are also encouraged. For these two sessions we invite submissions of position papers where authors develop on their viewpoints on the potential implications of sufficiency and open source for research on corporate sustainability. Submissions are not a requirement to participate at the special topic workshops but we encourage contributions in order to spark a fruitful exchange and discussion.

For the oikos Symposium we encourage submissions of project descriptions for re-designing management education initiatives at a school level (PDW 1), syllabi and concepts of innovative teaching methods (e.g. action-based learning approaches, simulation games, engagement strategies, interdisciplinary approaches etc.) (PDW 2) and teaching case manuscripts in development (PDW 3).

More details on the different kind of submissions are available in the submission guidelines.

Review Process

All submissions to full paper sessions and to research development sessions will undergo a double-blind review process prior to acceptance. Full papers will be assessed with regard to their rigour and quality similar to a submission to an academic journal. Short papers submitted to research development sessions will be selected with regard to the potential contribution and novelty they promise. Submissions of position papers to the special topic workshops as well as to the oikos Faculty Symposium will be reviewed and selected by the scientific committee in a single-blind process. The scientific committee will review all accepted submissions and award prizes for the best conference paper, the best PhD paper and the best teaching innovation.

Special Issue of Business and Society

A special issue of Business and Society will be associated with GRONEN 2012. Scholars that submit their work to the conference are also invited to submit their work to this special issue. Furthermore, authors will benefit from the opportunity to exchange with the special issue editors and the numerous members of the scientific committee of GRONEN 2012 that are also associate editors or editorial board members of Business and Society. The call for papers for the special issue can be found here.


The deadline for all submissions to GRONEN 2012 is 15 February 2012. Submissions are electronic (either doc or pdf files) and should be sent to submissions@gronen2012.org. Please state in your email the type of submission you want to make (full paper, short paper, position statement, oikos Symposium: PDW 1, 2 or 3). The selection process, notification of authors and registration of participants follows the schedule below:

January 2012   Registration open  
15 February 2012   Deadline for submissions 
15 April 2012   Notification of acceptance  
31 May 2012   Deadline for registration  
26-29 June 2012  GRONEN 2012 Research Conference 


Participants can register for GRONEN 2012 online from January 2012 on. All details on the registration and payment process will be available on the conference website.

The full call for papers can be downloaded here as a PDF file [82 KB] .